“Blind” tests, wine varieties tests and the young generation

Our advertised wine tasting events will mostly be conducted in the unconventional way - through blind tests. The name of the wine will only be revealed at the end of the event. The advertisement for the event will only contain a description of the types of wines to be tasted, for example: ‘Furmints from Hungary’, ‘Not everything from Tokaj is an ‘aszu,’’ ‘handcrafted wines from 2010,’ etc. Each wine tasting event will be led by a wine expert or sommelier and include small snacks as well.

If you are open to surprises and would like to join us on one of these evenings, please follow our calendar for upcoming events.

In addition to holding wine tasting events, we would like our wine club to become a venue where young wine experts can showcase their talents. We are happy to organize events for such requests. Further, we would like our venue to be used for any friendly gatherings or company team building events, where together you and your guests would be able to embark on a wine tasting journey. To inquire about our prices, please contact us