As you like it ...


The courses will be organised to follow the seasonal offer of the local markets. We will collect and share our recipies always with sesonal ingredients. 

A few themes and ideas to tempt your taste buds:
Our ‘forgotten foods’: a variety of warm noodles (stiria metelt, arany galuska, vargabeles)
Simple dishes, vegetable bakes
Quick and cheap dinners
Party recipes
Christmas cookies


We believe that our cooking classes will be most productive if we provide hands on advice throughout. This is why each class will be organized for 5-6 guests. Please continue browsing through our website and checking our Facebook page for up to date events.


In addition to those events advertised on our Facebook page, we can organize cooking classes for you and your group of friends, or for companies as team building exercises. You can challenge each other and test your cooking knowledge at a grill party or over a hearty stew. Please contact us to inquire about the prices of such events.


We have also specially designed cooking classes for children, where they can learn about the importance of appropriate hygiene and safety in the kitchen. We place a great emphasis on healthy recipes and nutritious meals, as well as the use of fresh ingredients throughout cooking. On each session, we will prepare the meal, do the dishes, set the table and finally, enjoy the meal together.


To tempt your taste buds, here are a few of our proposed ideas:
Spaghetti muffin, vegetable strips with a spicy yoghurt dip, ham cannelloni on a buttery vegetable bed, gingerbread house, Advent calendar made out of cookies…


To sign up for our advertised events, please send us an email with the number of guests that will attend and your contact details.